Chaos Reaches YouTube Milestone

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Chaos High Mobility Robot four independently rotating track arms enable it to go and do what no other small robot platform in its class can.

"It climbs stairs like a BOSS!" exclaimed neamerjell. "That's one of the coolest robots I've seen yet," said thegreatnoleander. "Dear Santa… AWESOME!" wrote TheGameplayr. Chaos™ High Mobility Robot is making some serious noise on YouTube. The video showcasing the small robot platform just surpassed the 100,000 views mark and continues to register more as robot enthusiasts are scouring the web for the latest and greatest.

"Chaos gets most of its interest from its four independently rotating tracks," says Mel Torrie, developer of Chaos and CEO of ASI. "Not only do these tracks give it a high level of mobility over uneven, rocky ground, but it also gives Chaos a quite unique look that turns a lot of heads."

Chaos was originally developed as a military support robot capable of transporting supplies through combat zones, persistent surveillance and scouting, and bomb disposal.

The small robot platform can accept a variety of payloads—including robotic arms, 3D imaging equipment, high definition video cameras, and more—making Chaos ideal for a number of both military, scientific, and industrial applications.

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. deploys Chaos units in both domestic and international markets for military and mining customers. Most notably, the small robot was deployed in a South African gold mine to explore and test conditions after blasting. This small robot is making a big difference.

Sadly, not everyone seems to be on board with Chaos. "Too bad the Globalists are gearing up to use this type of technology to cut down the Constitutional Resistance," writes justinwoolee. "[ASI] you should just call yourself Skynet because you know not what you do, until it's too late!" Well, I guess you just can't please everyone.